Jastków – “Obesity and overweight prevention among children in Jastków municipality in 2020”

It is already the second time that the programme has been implemented in this location. Its beneficiaries will be 5th grade students from 5 schools. In this edition we have extended the modern ESMS diagnostic tests with professional laboratory tests.

The children and families qualified for the programme will receive advice from our specialists and take part in educational workshops as well as sports activities.

  • Diagnosis

    The ESMS tests are delivered in schools by a nurse and an assistant. Although these tests are safe and non-invasive, they are only carried out after the consent of the child’s parents / legal guardians.

  • Individual sessions with our experts (6 sessions)

    • doctor
    • dietitian
    • psychologist
    • physical exercise coach
    • lab tests
  • Group classes

    • sports classes
  • Educational workshops

    both face-to-face and webinars

    EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS accompanying meetings with parents

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