Wrocław – “PoZdro!” Nationwide Programme for Diabetes and Lifestyle Diseases Prevention

Over 8,300 students from 89 schools have taken part in the programme. We start our activities by checking the health condition of children and screening them for the risk factors of lifestyle diseases, in particular TYPE 2 DIABETES. The students who are at risk and their families are then provided with two years of comprehensive specialist care. They regularly meet with PoZdro! experts (doctors, dietitians, physical activity coaches and psychologists) who support the beneficiaries and guide the to introduce healthy changes improving the lives of children as well as their families.

  • Diagnosis

    The ESMS tests are delivered in schools by a nurse and an assistant. Although these tests are safe and non-invasive, they are only carried out after the consent of the child’s parents / legal guardians.

  • Individual sessions with our experts (8 sessions)

    • doctor
    • dietitian
    • psychologist
    • physical exercise coach
    • lab tests (delivered by Synevo Labs)
  • Group classes

    • healthy cooking workshops
  • Educational workshops

    both face-to-face and webinars

    As part of the programme we offer:

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